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  • Battle Front Miniatures: Makers of Flames of War a World War II miniature war game.
  • Essex Miniatures: Makers of 15 and 28mm historical miniatures in England.
  • Old Glory Miniatures: Historical and fantasy miniatures that are relatively inexpensive but need a lot of work to clean off all the flash.
  • Game Figures Incorporated: Historical and fantasy miniatures. They have a broad range of 25 and 15 mm miniatures.
  • Mirliton Miniatures: Historical miniatures made in Italy.
  • Old Glory 15s : Is a distributor for Old Glory, Battle Honors, Rank and File, Black Raven Foundry, Gripping Beast, Quality Castings, and JR Miniatures.
  • Eureka Miniatures: Austrailian miniature manufacturer with a wide range of figures.

  • Deep Fried Happy Mice: Site that has miniature galleries, reveiws of rules, and miniatures.
  • War Flag: Site that has historically accurate Flags from various time periods that can be scaled and printed out for use with miniatures.
  • Osprey Publishing : Publishers of books on uniforms from various time periods, aircraft profiles, and campaign overviews.
  • Canister and Grape: Website with free wargaming rules for Seven Years, Napoleonic, American Civil, Crimean and Franco-Prussian wars.

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