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  • Protocol Online: This is a site that has a searchable directory for lots of protocols ranging from animal techniques to molecular and biochemical protocols.

  • BioTechniques Protocol Page: This is a site that has a directory for protocols.

  • Glassmilk Purification Kit : Home made glassmilk purification kit. Can be used to purify DNA from low melt agarose.
  • Plasmid Purification Using Glassmilk: Bacterial plasmid purification using alkaline lysis and glassmilk.
  • Chemically Competent Bacteria : Protocol for making chemically competent bacteria based on a method developed by Hanahan. We typically get cells that are 107to 108 cfu/microgram DNA.
  • Lithium Acetate Competent Yeast: Protocol to make competent yeast cells using lithium acetate.
  • Yeast Transformation: Transforming yeast that were made competent with above protocol (lithium acetate).
  • Random Primer Labeling : Making radioactive probes using 5x Labeling buffer from Promega.
  • Formaldehyde RNA Gels: Mops/formadehyde buffer and agarose gel for running RNA gels.
  • Genomic DNA Extraction Modified proceedure from Sambrook et. al.
  • Bacterial Purification Protocol: Modified bacterial plasmid purification protocol uses PEG and alkaline lysis.
  • Alkaline Lysis Bacterial Plasmid Prep: Modified bacterial plasmid purification protocol that is quicker than the above and doesn't use PEG.
  • Solubilization of GST protein with sarkosyl: Protocol for solubilzing GST fusion proteins using sarkosyl that are enzymatically active. Taken from an Analytical Biochemistry paper.
  • Baculovirus Plaque Assay Protocol: Protocol for doing a baculovirus plaque assay.
  • 2bp Overhang Ligation Protocol: Protocol for doing ligations using a 2bp overhang (i.e made by ClaI) and a regular 4bp overhang.
  • Staining Protocol for Visualizing DNA in Polyacrylamide Gels: Protocol using Ethyl Violet for visualizing DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Sensitivity is 0.8-1.6 ng/band. Cannot be used for agarose gels.

    Scientific Companies

  • Promega : Molecular biology supplier. Makes enzymes, vectors, kits, etc.
  • New England Biolabs : Molecular biology supplier. Makes enzymes, vectors, kits, etc.
  • Qiagen, Inc: Molecular biology supplier.
  • Novagen : Makers of the pET expression system.
  • Stratagene: Makers of the tried and trusted vector pBluescript KS II.
  • Scientific Notebook Company: Source for scientific notebooks of different varieties.
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