Teutonic Ale

This is an extract recipie and makes 5 gallons.

Specialty grains:

               2 Cups Dark Munich Malt
               1 Cup Crystal Malt                     60 lovibond
               1.5 Cup Chocolate Malt                400 lovibond
               1.5 Black Patent Malt                 500 lovibond

Put the cracked specialty grains in a nylon grain bag.

Bring 3 gallons of water up to 150oF and then seep the grains for 30 minutes.

Remove grain bag when temperature reaches 170oF and bring to boil.

Add 7 lbs of Light malt extract and return to boil.

Add 0.25 Cups of honey.

Add  2oz of Saaz Leaf Hops at the beginning of the boil.

Add 1 oz of Hallertau Leaf Hop at last 15 minutes of boil.

Add 1 tsp of Irish moss at last 10 minutes of boil.

Cool wort and put into fermenter.  Bring up to 5 gallons with spring water.

Pitch with Belgian Strong Ale yeast ( Wyeast 1388).

Let ferment 70oF for 3 weeks.

Prime with 0.5 cups of priming sugar and let bottle condition for 2 weeks.

I did not take a specific gravity reading before or after so I donít know the 
alcohol conversion efficiency that was achieved.

I use Highbridge Springs Springwater as my water source.

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