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  • site contains various bioinformatics tools and is one of the best sites I've used.

  • EXPASY Proteomics Server: site for various proteomics tools. One of the first bioinformatics sites I used.

  • Israel Science and Technology Homepage: Biomedical: A site that lists other sites to do a variety of analysis.

  • NCBI: The National Center for Biotechnology Information has a variety of literature search and bioinformatics tools such as pubmed and BLAST.

  • TIGR: TIGR genomics institute the place made famous by Craig Venter.

  • iHOP:Information hyperlinked over proteins. Lets you find out all sorts of information about proteins after putting in the gene name or an NCBI accession number.

  • Mek& This is a site made by some scientist that have written some programs for MacIntosh computers. There is a sequence viewing program and a restriction enzyme program. All programs are for OS X.

  • ApE-a plasmid editor: This is a freeware plasmid drawing and mapping program available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

  • FinchTV: This is a free sequence viewing program that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Windows Molecular Biology Freeware:This is a list of freeware molecular biology software for Windows.

  • ClustalW2: A site to do ClustalW2 alignments.

  • Genomics of Transcriptional Regulation: A Cold Spring Harbor site that lists software for doing transcriptional analysis, motif finding, and other bioinformatics analysis.

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